Sculptural Fashion Designs by  Nikoline Liv Andersen

Working on the intersection between fashion design and visual art, Danish fashion designer Nikoline Liv Andersen creates elaborate garments that are not meant to be worn. Instead, they are almost a  stage for experimentation and for telling stories about human nature and our way of life. A graduate of The Danish Design School (2006), Liv Andersen who worked at the studio of John Galliano and Christian Dior in the context of a student internship, creates singular and meticulously crafted pieces of clothing that are also intricate sculptural works of art. The interplay between what is natural and what is artificial is a big part of her work, since she loves experimenting with materials and fabrics, always searching for new ways to transform artificial materials such as straws and nails into something that looks organic.

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Some Mori darker styles ;)
Or kind of…

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Ruth Marshall

RUTH MARSHALL brings attention to illegal wildlife trade and species loss in a way that unites a new, widened audience of scientists, art enthusiasts and the general public. Her textile pelts exemplify how artisan goods have the potential to have higher commercial value than a poached skin on the black market. The result would be a paradigm shift of the incentive in wildlife trade, which is one of the largest illegal activities in the world. Her textiles reinforce that support of conservation and a society’s culture is a more sustainable, viable and lucrative endeavor than the illegal wildlife trade.